Use of the creative teaching methods

in vocational training of disabled people

visit to the Czech Republic

Erasmus +, KA1, project number  2017-1-LT-01-KA102-034901

9. – 13. October 2017

Participants to the visit were vocational teachers and training organizers from Public organization Panevezys Labour Market Training Center, Panevezys, Lithuania

What activities were carried out during the visit?

Short-term job-shadowing activities in vocational schools with focus on development of creative learning methods:

  • - Practical training of the creative teaching/learning methods in the VET training
  • - Training of different appraoches to involvement of disabled people into the work-groups
  • - Teacher as a facilitator in work-groups (training, learning groups or classes) - wiping out the bareers among students.


What knowledge, skill and competencies did participants acquire?

During the visit the teachers gained or developed the following personal and professional job-related skills:

  • - work with disabled students in the mixed class (DOs and DO'NTs for the effective communication)
  • - handling the specific behaviourial features for the effective cooperation in a group with one or more disabled students involved
  • - facilitation of the study group (with one or more disabled students in the class)
  • - "Ideation Jam" - for generating possible ideas or approaches (with students or colleagues) in the creation of the individual work plan for the disabled student

Partcipants acquired also some personal and professional organizational skills:

  • - managing the group work of people with special needs
  • - setting up an individual plan for education and employment
  • - evaluation of individual plan for education and employment

And finally the communicational skills:

  • - specific features of the communication with disabled students (DOs and DO'NTs for the effective communication)
  • - communication with the disabled student(s) and  with the rest of the group to facilitate the inclusion of the disabled students included in the class
  • - communication with the colleague teachers regarding the disabled students involved in the educaitonal process of the school (training centre)


What benefits did ProEduca get by attending in this project?

For our organization it was once again a great opportunity - during the visit we visited many organizations with a good potential to bedome our partners in the future projects. 

The entire program of the visit was tailor-made to the requirements of the sending organization and in this shape it can serve the same purpose in the future.

Thanks to this project we were able to include the training of creative methodsamong the subjects/programs taught in our institutions and offer them to the potential customer across Europe.