CLICK - Computers, Languages and Intergenerational Communication in the Kitchen

Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig Partnership, 2013 - 2015

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There are a knowledge fields that are essential for an active European citizen of nowadays: basic computer skills, reading and writing, and foreign languages.


There were 10 partners from 9 European countries participating in this project: Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey,  Romania, Spain and Croatia.


This project used a simple but effective methodology of thematically based shared classes in order to help adult and senior learners to ease their way through the educational process.


The CLICK-project invented  a way to bring the generations together, to make use of the knowledge of the ancestors as well as the knowledge of the youngsters and to teach them both.


The methodological approach was based on four pillars: motivation, learning through acting, self-confidence and active participation of the adults all along the learning process.


In this project we decided to go for one of the strongest bonding themes; we chose the food and rediscovering the old and almost forgotten recipes we remember from our childhood.


Our learners were more than exalted to participate actively in the classes (English language, computers, creative writing etc.) and particularly they loved the cooking sessions where everything they had prepared theoretically could be turned into the real food.


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