TRAIning Transversal: Supporting Career Development and Research

Erasmus+, Strategic partnership, 2015 - 2018

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. It is generally accepted that transversal skills have a profound effect in the employability.

This project responds to some problems that are on focus interest at European level:

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- Developing innovative approaches about transversal skills: more attractive education and training programmes, in line with individuals' needs and expectations and by the use of participatory approaches - blended learning methodologies;

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- Developing the 4 (+2) transversal skills by using an innovative blended learning model (Rotation) and learner - centered pedagogical approaches;

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- Developing new appr oaches to strengthen the education and training paths of prospective and practicing educators and trainers by equipping them with all competences and skills needed to deliver high quality services and address increasingly diverse needs;

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- The project is focused on VET, supporting the development of high quality learning resources, oriented to strong work-based learning component, involving partnerships between education and employment (in particular companies and social partners).

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The target groups of the project are:
- Young low education level unemployed or recently employed, including NEETs (Not in Employment
Education or Training);
- Teachers/Trainers from Training organizations and VET educational organizations which can provide the course.

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Transversal Skills Research (TSR)

The purpose of this research is to gain perspectives from employers, training organizations and relevant postsecondary administrators on transversal skills knowledge and practices, asking them questions about the importance of transversal skills, specific transversal skills priorities and transversal skills deficiencies.

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The major findings will help trainers involved in the TRAIT project to improve understanding of the essential needs in developing the blended learning TRAIT cour se (IO2) in direct relation with the European workforce development system.

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Blended learning course TRAIT on developing the selected 6 transversal skills (a modules-structured
course, on predetermined templates). The Toolkit will contain 3 different combined approaches and
therefore three different sub-ouutputs:

A. Online e-learning platform
B. Training Material
C. Face-to-face Training Material

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All intellectual outputs will be available for free use of anyone interested in them. In order to make them popular they wi ll be mentioned as free resources in press releases and will be tagged as free online courses. In all dissemination events public will be informed of the free of charge use
of the published materials.