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Information and communication technologies (ICT) if used correctly can facilitate the access of a broad quantity of services and useful tools, also, to know how to manage on the Internet is a key aspect for digital inclusion and well-being. Senior learners, according to Eurostat are the group of citizens with lower digital adoption (49 % of citizens over 65 accessed Internet in the last 3 months, compared to nearly 90 for younger of 45) This is a lost opportunity causing the digital exclusion of this part of society.

Project Objectives

We aim at extending and developing the competences (1st aim) of the involved staff with non-formal and informal education of senior learners through the effective use of ICT. We promote the use of experiential learning methodology applied to extra-academic activities by applying them to senior learners for their acquisition of cultural awareness competencies, values and attitudes, including the ones related to social inclusion and digital inclusion, active participation and collaboration (4th aim)  through innovative ICT-based methods (2nd aim), providing tools for educators for assessment and validation of competences learnt (3rd aim).

Main target of this project are the non-formal and informal trainers and educators (touristic guides, trainers, tutors, facilitators…) that are currently offering extra-academic and cultural outdoor activities such as trekking, visiting villages, museums, etc. to senior citizens in adult education institutions and wish to promote their digital inclusion and potentiate the skills and competences acquired. The priority of promoting cultural heritage will be addressed after a successful educational ICT-based training plus the enjoyment and pleasure obtained by the seniors. This is why we think this priority should not be  considered a duty, but to be integrated as a result of the learning process.


Universitat Juame I de Castellon

The Senior Citizens’ University project is part of the lifelong learning programme of the University, its staff include trainers, researchers and technicians involved in different aspects of senior education (over 55 years old): that is training, organising activities, research, publishing of materials,  dissemination. etc. Trainers are from the University staff and cover all areas of the 4 faculties (humanities, economics, experimental sciences and health) so senior learners participate in different courses, but also workshops and other activities (as conferences) and extra-academic activities  together with digital competences to promote active learning, digital participation and digital inclusion. This expertise and experience is the starting point for [out-learn] project development.

ProEduca, Czech Republic

ProEduca will bring their expertise with design of educational tools from the Central Europe country point of view as in these countries the educational system is still not in coherence with the requirements of the labour market or in general with the social trends in the EU society. ProEduca  professionals have worked in education since 1993, and witnessed the transformation of the  educational system from the start after the fall of the communius regime in the country. The expertise of the professionals in the organisation reflect the personal experience, socio-cultural background and enthusiasm for the improvement and development of new strategies and approaches that would help the educational system in EU to grow and flourish.

Archivio della Memoria, Italy

Archivio della Memoria carries out from 2002 historical, anthropological and sociological research activity in social and cultural fields, to bring to light document and give value to local culture, traditions and knowledge. AdM operates both in urban areas and in small towns, in Italy and abroad, actively interacting with local communities, especially those characterised by marginalisation and social disadvantage. ADM has ample experience in the development and use of LMS/CMS learning/content management systems and works together with local schools in different ways. AdM has developed in the last 15 years thousands of educational and communicative videos in the University and school context and in the socio anthropological and qualitative research fields. The project group has specific competences in socio-economic education, basic education and ICT based education. AdM has contacts to variety of teachers and schools in its region and experts in teacher training.

SCC Sastamala Community College, Finland

Offering all learners, young and old and offers opportunities for a wide variety of recreational activities and study, not aimed at achieving a formal qualification. One of the topics offered are talks and lectures on a range of cultural topics as well as current social and historical issues, which linked to the Information and Technology courses, are the main source of experience to provide to the [LiveLearn] project. On EU project Walk’n’Talk Prevention and Communication Training for the Elderly aged 65+, SCC created a curriculum together with two othe partners, CIDET and VHS Lingen. On IO2 SCC will benefit the experience on senior citizens education and pedagogical competence..

Main project outputs

Assessment Toolkit

  • a tool useful for educational staff and other staff not related to education (touristic guides, facilitators,...) that will help them to better design the ICT-based educational activity, it will be possible to uncover the senior citizens' needs.

Course Curriculum

  • a course where educators will extend their knowledge about senior citizens and pedagogical competencies to this specific target. This course will contain didactic guidelines, a methodology proposal to be applied for an Experiential Classroom performance with ICT-based activities and finally, study cases.

Project outputs will be abailable as an open source in February 2022.


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