SprED+C - Spreading the Word about Creativity

Lifelong Learning Programme, KA4-Dissemination and Exploitation of Results and Exchange of Good Practices, 2014 - 2016


The project aims at creating a community of creative and enterprising teachers at EU level.

spred lgo

We aim at capitalizing results, starting from previous EU-wide experiences to be exploited and enhanced:  the CityM and ECECC projects.


The project comes from the analysis and envisaged need of coping with 4 key points that education system faces:


Key point 1:
Existing gap among different stages of educational path
Key point 2:
Lack of structured support to teachers in relation to creative and enterprising skills in education


Key point 3:
Overload of information: teachers need more room for expressing the knowledge they already have
Key point 4:
Urgent requirement of students to be prepared for entering the world of work


We have organized 5 Itinerant seminars where EU teachers could meld mutual experiences. Key note speakers from relevant project of City-M inventory have ensured the spread and capitalization of results of 2007-13 period.


Currently we are creating a Training ToolKIT, including best practices, guidelines and a tutorial tool, offering teachers a background for their creative educational pedagogies.


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For more information about the project, itinernat seminars and the final outcomes visit our project web site.


Project partners:

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Satean, Romania
Junor Achievement, Slovakia
University of Portsmouth, UK
ProEduca o.s., Czech Republic