SIC-TIC - Stregthen Individual Competences through ICT

Erasmus+, 2017 - 2019

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The society of knowledge, of which Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are a fundamental pillar and axis, offers opportunities for personal development, access and promotion in the workplace, cultural enrichment, learning autonomy and active citizenship.

But at the same time its changing character and the huge amount of information of all kinds to which we expose ourselves is turning this society of knowledge into a new source of discrimination and creation of inequalities.

It is crucial that European and national policies support local initiatives with actors such as the partners of this project to make this society of knowledge more inclusive and democratic where social balance and welfare are priorities.

This project has three general objectives:
1. Share our experience in teaching ICT in a structured way through presentations of different partners on specific aspects

2. To present the practices that each partner has had in different aspects in teaching ICTs

3. To share the experiences in teachers training

We offer to the adult population digital literacy programs to avoid the risk of social exclusion, especially to disadvantaged groups and / or those who have stayed out of the formal training circuits.
It is a transnational association sufficiently diverse for us to share our experiences in this field and at the same time we can lay the groundwork for a future innovation project

During the project life we will meet several times: twice on the transnational project meetings to work on the project management and progress and twice on the teaching-training-learning activities where the teachers will share (and gain) the best practice from the other porject partners.

The collaborative work of all the teachers involved through the project platform and the use of this platform by the students are innovative factors for the members of this association. Likewise, teachers will learn about new digital tools in this platform that can be applied and developed locally.